Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aeromonas hydrophila bacteria found in humid atmosphere

Aeromonas hydrophila bacteria found in humid atmosphere

Due to the Aeromonas hydrophila, a person can get affected to other diseases like myonecrosis and eczema. In the year 1988, in California this bacteria disease was also caused in lizards. This infection is also known as Aeromonas spp, it affects the human skin and soft tissues which gets infected by bacteria. There are various medications available which one of them is recommended by doctors. To cure this infection a dose of antibiotics is used as a treatment, they are chloramphenicol, amino – glycosides, ciprofloxacin, and co-trimoxazole. Other medicines which are given to a person according to the age and the health conditions; they are trofuran derivatives, aztreonam, meropenem, pyrodinecarboxylic acids, carbapenems, and tetracycline. As per the suggestion of medical expert the fish which is used in the food should be first tested and sanitized before sending to different places. The physical experts treat illness through disinfectants and Acriflavine.
Majority of the humans also get affected to these bacteria through seafood's. According to the medical expert the risk factor increases if an individual consumes more fish, crabs or any other sea food. The Aeromonas hydrophila causes mostly children's and also adult who has a very weak body to fight the infection. Usually, this problem creates gastroenteritis which contains two different types. The first type is the most common in which one has to suffers the similar symptoms of cholera, in this the person leads to diarrhea where watery stools are excreted. The second type is the dysenteric gastroenteritis where the person suffers severe blood flow in the stool with mucus. In some cases, this disease can stretch to the illness in intestines. This bacterium induces cellulites infection which cause swelling on skin surface.

Similar to other tiny microbes, there are various categories and types of bacteria found on the earth. These bacteria's are so tiny that it cannot be seen by a naked eye of a human being. There are few bacteria which are very sharp like Aeromonas hydrophila. This bacterium is like a rod shape, heterotrophic, and a gram negative. It is mostly found in the area where the atmosphere is more humid, and also in the marine water which contains estuarine, chlorine and salt. In the fifties, this bacterium was found in both animal and human. If it affects a human, it will eat all the hemoglobin from the body. There are various causes of infection including change in environment were some amount of toxins infects the air. People who reside in this environment can get contracted to this Aeromonas hydrophila. Not only people who live near dirty and contaminated area or near seashore can get infected, but people who east contaminated seafood, meats and by vegetables. The frog which is a marine animal gets infected; the sickness cause to it is called as red leg. In some case, the person affected to this infection can suffer from mild or deadly.

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